Modern and interactive violin show of Olexandr Bozhyk is a unique program that combines the refinement and aesthetics of the violin sound and one-hundred percent entertainment for each guest.

Oleksandr Bozhyk’s musical show is a zest of any event and has no analogues in the Ukrainian market. It is an ideal option for events of any scale: from private event to large-scale conference. Guaranteed drive, power, excitement and enthusiastic feedback from each of your guests.

Concert video
The duration of the show program is 30-35 minutes. Oleksandr Bozhyk presents:
- the numbers from the television show "Ukraine has a talent" ("Four elements" - a concurrent game on several violins; "String"
- the number with the cutting of strings with the participation of the public)
- performance of author's compositions, popular covers, world hits, soundtracks from films
- interactive with the audience (engaging the audience to the show rooms)

Oleksandr Bozhyk - the perfect guest of your event, which will definitely turn it into an unforgettable and spectacular evening!


The only violinist in the world who play simultaneously on several violins


Super finalist of the show, who managed to repeat the Paganini’s achievement - play on only one string


More than 1100 performances for large companies and individuals in 30 countries


Audience become direct participants in the virtuoso show
  • Corporate events of the companies
  • Private events
  • Public events
  • Concerts
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Presentations, conferences
  • Original gifts


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