Oleksandr Bozhyk is a world-class artist whose skill is confirmed by thousands of successful performances in more than 30 countries worldwide. Oleksandr Bozhyk’s musical show is a unique program that combines classics, rock, pop and folk motives. Add interactive activities with the audience and a relaxed way of communicating – and am inspiring rich evening is guaranteed for you.

Sing in time with the world famous hits, get closer to the beautiful thanks to samples of world classical music, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of your favorite movie accompanied by soundtracks and enjoy new author’s compositions from Maestro Oleksandr Bozhyk.

Concert video
The violinist performs in three formats: solo, with his band "Bozhyk Band" or accompanied by a rock orchestra with energetic Bozhyk Orchestra Show. Oleksandr cooperates with many famous artists who can participate in the show (Oksana Mukha, Brya Blesing, Oleh Lykhach, Petro Radeiko and others).

Oleksandr Bozhyk's interactive show program is a combination of two elements: lyrics and madness that will be remembered for a long time. The violin virtuoso performs exciting modern rock and pop compositions, soundtracks to motion pictures, author’s music. Under the accompaniment of the piano by Yuliya Bozhyk, the musician will present you lyrical versions of famous hits, passionate motives of classics of musical art, and, of course, compositions of own authorship.

The team is one of the best musicians and experts in their trade, who have been burning up on the same stage with Oleksandr Bozhyk since 2011 (guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboard instruments, piano). Together, they guarantee an energy show in which the author’s works, the classics in modern interpretation, the music of the peoples of the world, the songs from the films...

Bozhyk Orchestra Show is a large-scale and vibrant musical performance, led by the front man Oleksandr Bozhyk accompanied by exciting rock orchestra.
The audience of Bozhyk Orchestra Show will be captured by the entire spectrum of emotions as soon as the touching lyrics or musical theme from the Hollywood blockbusters is heard from the scene.
The lyrical string group, the emotional breaststroke quintet and the exciting "Bozhyk Band" organically united in the rock orchestra and work as a single organism.



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