Oleksandr Bozhyk


Violin player - super finalist of the show "Ukraine’s Got Talent"


World-class interactive violin show


Violin show listed in the "Book of Records of Ukraine"


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Oleksandr Bozhyk

Oleksandr Bozhyk – a violin virtuoso, a composer, a phenomenon in the modern musical space. He is a master to combine the unmatched performance and a spectacular show. He is equally good at classics, rock, pop, and ethno-music.

A superfinalist of the popular TV show Ukraine’s Got a Talent, a record holder of the Ukrainian Book of Records, a finalist of the Minute of Glory show, a laureate of all-Ukrainian and international competitions.

A participant in many TV shows and projects, including one of the most popular shows in the world - Britain's Got Talent. Now Oleksandr Bozhyk is a participant of the Polish TV show "Mam Talent!", where he was called "Jimi Hendrix among the violinists".



Oleksandr Bozhyk is a world-class artist whose skill is confirmed by thousands of successful performances in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Oleksandr Bozhyk’s musical show is a unique program that combines classics, rock, pop and folk motives. Add interactive activities with the audience and a relaxed way of communicating - and am inspiring rich evening is guaranteed for you.



Modern and interactive violin show by Oleksandr Bozhyk is a unique program that combines the refinement and aesthetics of the violin sounding and one-hundred percent entertainment for every guest.

Oleksandr Bozhyk's musical show is a zest of any event and has no analogues in the Ukrainian market. It is an ideal option for events of any scale - from private events to large-scale conferences.




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